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Plan A

Plan A

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Help Alleviate Rough Mornings 😊
Research-Supported, Doctor-Made 🩺
Restores Electrolytes & B Vitamins🚀
1 Bottle = 20 Mornings Saved 😇
Feel 50% Better or Your Money Back 🤝


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A Quick Glimpse Inside Plan A 🔍

Product Details

WAKE UP WITH EASE: 20 Mornings Saved! Experience the bliss of 50% improved mornings after celebrations, or receive a full refund. Envision a rejuvenating wake-up where you feel energized and motivated to seize the day! : Simple and Effective! Just take 3 capsules before and/or after celebrating for optimal results
YOUR ULTIMATE ADULT BEVERAGE COMPANION: Doctor-Formulated for Maximum Effectiveness! Our unique blend, backed by scientific research, is designed to replenish key B vitamins and electrolytes, providing the ultimate relief after a night of indulgence.
EMBRACE THE JOY OF CELEBRATIONS WITH PLAN A: Experience a Better Next Day! Bid farewell to fatigue and discomfort. Plan A helps you replenish and recharge, so you can start your day feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to take on the world.
AVENIR NUTRITION PROMISE: Clean and Plant-Based! Our natural supplement contains no artificial excipients or fillers. The gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free formula ensures a pure and gentle experience. But if you still don’t like our product, you will get you money refund with no questions asked. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself

Vitamin C

✅ Boost immunity

✅ Protect body & cells

✅ Improves memory

Per Serving: 180mg


✅ Improves gut health

✅ Increases energy

✅ Boost immune system

Per Serving: 200mg


✅ Fights colds

✅ Defend against flu

✅ Cholesterol health

Per Serving: 300mg


✅ Boost immunity

✅ Reduce inflammation

✅ Relieve pain

Per Serving: 200mg


✅ Boost immunity

✅ Cholersterol health

✅ Longevity

Per Serving: 100mg


✅ Reduces inflammation

✅ Relieves anxiety

✅ Gut health

Per Serving: 100mg

Other Ingredients

Vitamin E (20mg), Vitamin B6 (3.4mg), Zinc (16mg), Lactobacillus Acidophilus (4.8bn CPu)



✅ Derived From Raisin Trees

✅ Accelerates Toxin Removal

✅ Liver Supportive

Per Serving: Proprietary


✅ Helps Nausea

✅ Rapid Detox

✅ No Headaches

Per Serving: Proprietary

B Vitamins

✅ Replenish Vitamins

✅ Eliminates Fatigue

✅ Helps Headaches

Per Serving: B1 (20mg), B2 (3mg), B6 (14mg), B12 (100mc)


✅ Rapid Hydration

✅ Higher Energy

✅ Helps Headaches

Per Serving: Magnesium (15mg), Manganese (2mg), Sodium (5mg), Potassium (15mg), Chromium (100mcg)

Milk Thistle

✅ Liver-Supportive

✅ Metabolizes Toxins 

✅ Liver Defense

Per Serving: 200mg Milk Thistle Extract

Other Ingredients

✅ Selenium (55mcg), Copper (0.5mg), L-Theanine (Proprietary), Alpha Lipoic Acid (Proprietary), Milk Thistle (Proprietary), Prickly Pear (Proprietary), BioPerine (Proprietary)

Proprietary Blend

Ginger, Alfalfa, Burdock Root, Celery Seed, Feverfew, Grape Seed
Extract, Methionine, Yellow Dock, Raspberry Juicy Powder, Berberine HCL

Per Serving: 512mg Proprietary Blend

Other Ingredients

Per Serving:
30mg Zinc (as Zinc Oxide), 12mg Choline (as Choline Bitartrate), 50mg
Chanca Piedra Extract, 50mg Chicory Root, 50mg Yarrow Herb

How to Use

Post-Celebration Support:

✅ Take 3 capsules either before/after celebration or before bedtime

✅ For optimal results, consider taking it the following morning

Optimize Experience

✅ Drink PLENTY of water

✅ Get a full 8-9 hours of sleep

✅ Eat a full meal before celebrating

Research & Studies

Study #1 - L-Cysteine Containing Vitamin
Supplement Which Prevents or
Alleviates Alcohol-induced Morning Misery: Nausea, Headache, Stress
and Anxiety

-"The primary results based on correlational analysis showed
that L-cysteine prevents or alleviates rough morning, nausea,
headache, stress and anxiety"

"L-cysteine would reduce the need of drinking the next day
with no or less rough morning symptoms: nausea, headache,
stress and anxiety. Altogether, these effects of L-cysteine are
unique and seem to have a future in to help in alleviating these harmful symptoms as well as reducing the risk of alcohol addiction."

Study #2 - Dihydromyricetin As a Novel Anti-Alcohol Intoxication Medication

-"In summary, we determined DHM anti-alcoholic effects on animal models and determined a major molecular target and cellular mechanism of DHM for counteracting alcohol intoxication and dependence. We demonstrated pharmacological
properties of DHM consistent with those expected to underlie successful medical treatment of AUDs; therefore DHM is a therapeutic candidate."

Study #3 - The use of N‑acetylcysteine in the prevention of rough morning:
a randomized trial

"Considering the low risk of side effects with lower
doses of NAC, it is proposed that it has the ability to do more benefit than harm using these doses in an individual
suffering from a rough morning"

Study #4 - Dihydromyricetin Protects the Liver via Changes in Lipid Metabolism and
Enhanced Ethanol Metabolism

-“Dihydromyricetin (DHM), a bioflavonoid isolated from Hovenia dulcis, can
reduce EtOH (alcohol) intoxication and potentially protect against chemical-induced liver injuries

-"The hepatoprotective effects of DHM may be linked to its ability to protect cells against
inflammatory responses and oxidative species"

-“In total, these findings support the utility of DHM as a dietary supplement to reduce
EtOH-induced liver injury via changes in lipid metabolism, enhancement of EtOH
metabolism, and suppressing in"ammation responses to promote liver health”

Celebrate Like There IS a Tomorrow 🥳

Better post-celebration mornings, healthier liver

Signs You Need Some Support After Celebrating 🥳